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Peer support work: an international scoping review

A recent comprehensive review of the international literature regarding the use of peer support services in the mental health sector affirms the principles and practices embodied in the Purposeful Peer Support Aotearoa.

The scoping review of the international literature was commissioned by the Peer Support Five Year Strategy Working Group established by the Health Service Executive (HSE) Mental Health Engagement and Recovery (MHER) Office (to create a five-year strategic plan for mental health peer support in Ireland.

The aims of this scoping review were to:

  1. To undertake a comprehensive review of the literature on peer support work.
  2. Identify how such work may be best implemented in specified, specialist areas.

The research questions, in line with the above, are:

  1. What are the key messages from the international literature on peer support work?
  2. How should peer support work be most effectively implemented in specific aspects of mental health services including Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, forensic services and other specialist mental health services?

The scoping review was conducted between July and November 2023 with the main database searches completed in August 2023. The scoping review research team worked closely with the Peer Support Five Year Strategy Working Group on all stages of the review process and so the report is co-authored by the Research Team and the Working Group.

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